Damon Thorn
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Damon's Cypher

Real Name

Damon Maria Avedici Thorn



Birth Date

September 19th 1992

Death Date

1st = ?
2nd = ?


1/4 Satanic


Protagonistic (Antagonistic at the start)



Holy Maji



Zokoban (Darkness)

Immediate Family

Damien Thorn (Father)
Lucifer (GrandFather)
Maria Santoya (GrandMother)
Mary Efrat (Mother)
Fredriq Efrat (GrandFather)
Kala Efrat (GrandMother)


Synthia Cleffora


Jinko, Woody Harry and the Urban Devils

Damon Thorn (middle names Maria and Avedici, born on the 19th of September 1992) is one of the two Main Protagonists of the Die Urbain Diablo Series, the other one being Dominic Powers. His parents are Damien Thorn and Mary Efrat and his Sun-Father; [[]].

Birth and Name Edit

He was born at home during a particuary Schizophrenic weather day, an Omen to the world. His Mother, Mary Efrat died after giving birth, so he was named by his Father, being that no one else was around after he was born. His name is derived almost extensively from his Father's: Damien into Damon, Thorn copied into Thorn

Overall personality and appearance Edit

He was born on International Talk like a Pirate Day, the effect of which instilled him with the preference of wearing pinstripe trousers and cuban heels. He is also a fan of wearing sleeveless top garments such as waistcoats or "square" vests. His hair is pure black and his eyes 40% grey which, when coupled with his darkish skin, make him look slightly hispanic. At the end of Tome 1 he gets a scar on the left side of his face which he continually paints vivid bruise colours to accentuate his physical suffering. Damon's personality is one of the darkest in the Tome, a darkness that often spreads into the other characters. His mentalé has been heavyly damaged by his breakdowns, only serving to darken his general air, despite therapy given by freinds.

Early life with his Father Edit

For the most part, he got hell from his Father. Damien could also be kind to him though, purchasing him a

The Breakdowns Edit

Main article: The Breakdowns of Damon Thorn

Something which no other character in the Tome experiences are the continual bouts of mental torment from Damien and Zokoban including one from Lucifer. These trigger off breakdowns and therefore mental damage, each changing his personality bit by bit, so that by the end of Tome 7 he is either wholly subservient or majorly offensive

Involvement with the Skeletons Edit

Friendship and connection with Dominic Edit

Main article: Damon Thorn's connections with other characters

Damon is Dominic's Spirit-Sharer so it is understandable that the two are very close

Whilst Dominic looks upon Damon as a valuable friend, the same can't be said for the latter. Perhaps it is because of the lack of Damon's social experience (of which freindship is an important factor) or that Dominic can occasionally 'listen in' to Damon's thought network through his soul. When Damon is feeling low he will allow Dominic to engage in petting with him which in Tome 2 and beyond has become a fully working sex life.

Partnership with Synthia Edit

Ki, Holy Maji and Spirit Edit