The 7 TomesEdit

The Eclogues of GenesisEdit

These tomes are about the beginnings of Dominic and Damon's struggle. The 5 Tomes take them through them many Tribulations on Earth, Heaven and Hell.

Tome 1 (Urbain Diablo)Edit

Set (apart from some flashbacks and other stuff) in England on 28th of December 2006 - ? 2007. Dominic gets kidnapped at the start of the tome, has an operation (at the top of the spine, on his neck) and meets some people who rescue him. They all track down Damon Thorn, convert him and they, together, track down the Crown Jewels and put things right for the present. The Diablo Lot have a big fight with The Skeletons at the end and as a result, in this tome, Damien Thorn and Henry Biggs die. Karen Weller flees right at the end, after seeing enough.

Tome 2 (Book 2)Edit

This tome is in two parts:

The first part is about Dominic, Damon, Norman, Chaz and Sulphate doing their stuff, tracking down the Dole, Blotto and Cleffora families. Sulphate gets dragged into Hell by Malk'x Laran'x and Damon dies at the end, after flying to the sun, pursuing his Uncle's killer. Dominic rescues Damon, but Damon dies soon after killing Malk'x, both saying "Sheled Umlal" before they die.

The second part is about Dominic, who has only 6 Weeks, 1 Day and 6 Hours left to live, moving to Israel with Chaz and Norman. They all track down Jacques Goldberg and start up a HaClique tribute band; Sheled. At the end of this part, Dominic dies in Jacques' arms, opposed to Jacques dying in Dani's arms.

Tome 3 (Plane Spotting)Edit

Mostly set in Heaven, Dominic, Damon, Jesus and some others track down a spy from Hell, discovering him, they find out that he is Damien Thorn, not the physical form but a sort of one. Meanwhile, down on Earth, Norman, Chaz and Jacques group up again, looking for a way for Dominic and Damon to get back. They find it, Dominic and Damon get back, and they all group together for a big fight in the form of the real Damien Thorn, who joined in in the Resurrection Shuffle festivities.

Tome 4 (Heavy Living)Edit

The title shows what this tome is about, Dominic and Damon, after fighting Damien, struggle to make it in this new world. They, and Dominic's old school friend; Harold, group together and re-start up an old band; Jinko, using this to speak political and philosophical matters. Pandora and Dominic, Synthia and Damon, get back together and enter partnership. They all eventually get tracked down, Dominic dying from a massive battle after their 'execution', Damon dies soon after from the 616 curse, turning to a 6 Week period of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Tome 5 (Plain Spotting)Edit

Set fully in Hell, apart from intermittant shit from Heaven and Earth, Dominic and Damon try to rescue Sulphate, living life in Hell incognito. They find their Uncle near the middle of the tome, also finding a change-minded Damien Thorn who begs them to take him back. The Resurrection Shuffle festivities start again and Dominic, Damon, Les, Sulphate, Norman, Chaz, Bill, Theon, Lucy, Pandora, Steve, Synthia and Jacques, participate in the biggest battle yet (duh). All of them survive and Sheled and Jinko regroup and have a double concert for the benefit of a very beaten-up England.

The Tomes of RevelationEdit

These 2 tomes are about the last few struggles of Dominic and Damon. The tomes are of their own two part, both set in America and are about the Tribulations at Altamont.

Tome 6 (The Battle of the Lokust)Edit

The first part of the double starts like the start of Heavy Living, Dominic and Damon again struggling to live in a world threatened by death and destruction. They both move to America and come across Sulphate and Malk'x' Offspring, The Locust, whom they befriend. Loci lives in a Wind Turbine at the Wind Farm of Altamont and Dominic and Damon stay there for a little while, telling Loci about what has happened since his birth. A couple of fights start between the three of them and renegades of The Vulcan Army, Dominic and Damon get arrested and put on Death Row without trial.

A Water Serpant, after being unsealed by an unknown force, appears out of the Aegian Sea and attacks the land. A Lament Call by The Locust, attracts the Serpant, it finds him and they start a ferocious battle. The beast flees and Locust starts a search for him.

Tome 7 (Tribulation at `Altamont)Edit

The second part sees Dominic and Damon walking along the last mile to the Electric Chair. Meanwhile Loci finds Mr. Serpant and starts the second fight with him, getting ready to seal him away. On Death Row, Dominic and Damon have been strapped to their death chairs, and are awaiting their death, feeling really scared shitless. Loci nearly has his spell complete waiting for Dominic and Damon. They are nearly dead, but a prison guard rushes in and tells everybody to stop the execution as he has caught wind of a battle which could destroy Altamont. The execution stops and Dominic and Damon rise off the chairs, going into their Amnesiac Insomniac forms, going off into the battle and completing the seal. The Infinity Sequence is triggered and the battle is won.

The festivities after the battle start and go into chaos and there is a massive battle between Lucifer and all the Protagonistic characters, even Gloria and Henry turn up for the battle watched by all on Earth. The last part of this tome is set in Israel and Greece.

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Dominic Powers as written from the perspective of Damon Thorn; ‘Some time’ in the future!!Edit


Like all tomes, Die Urbain has its Protagonists and Antagonists, except in this instance, Antagonists tend to be controlled by the controlled and so on, this is a very good example of the Spiral Theory or the Vinyl Groove Theory.


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