Dominic Powestri
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Dominic's Cypher

Full Name

Dominic John Powestri



Birth Date

June 30th 1992

Death Date

1st = ?
2nd = ?


1/8 Satanic





Holy Maji



Droxir (Fire)


Pandora Blotto


Sheled, Jinko, Woody Harry and the Urban Devils

Dominic Powestri (born on the 30th of June 1992) is one of the two Main Protagonists of the Die Urbain Diablo Series, the other one being Damon Thorn. His parents are Les Powers and Karen Weller.

Out of all the characters, he has probably been through the most, considering his standing in the Tome. This has left him with a strong sense of paranoia whenever something is about to go off. Even Sulphate has become a little concerned with his ever changing personality, even more so than his Spitit-Sharer, Damon.

Amongst his experience, which has heightened the following, he has an (sometimes unhealthy) interest in disturbing poetry, obscure music, death, the colour grey, Noise Therapy and dark places. At times this makes him more dark than Damon, which under the normal circumstances would be next to near impossible.

Birth and Initial Naming Edit

He was born in the maternity ward of Epsom Hospital at 6:12 in the morning, although it is not stated who he came out of. Unlike the vast majority of newborns he was not crying as he was being born, common for most people related to Lucifer. He was born in the middle of the year so is quite a well rounded individual, sometimes boasting to his freinds that he gets his presents in the middle of the year, even though he doesn't celebrate christmas.

Physical Appearance Edit

Overall personality Edit


Obsession with obscure Music and its effects Edit

Main article: Dominic Powers' interest of music

Perhaps one of Dominic's intrests - which he later reveals to be the main one - is the one that seperates him from his freinds most. His interest of music stretches 20-30 years to sometimes 60 before his birth. Jazz and Funk as Dominic's favourite genres, coupled with the New Wave/Post-Punk connection, have made him well aquainted with a wide obscurity. This is one of the reasons why his favourite artist/singer/lyricist/front man is Ian Dury and band; The Blockheads, as their music is influenced more by Jazz than anything else. The legnth to which Dominic loves, and has been influenced by, Ian Dury is one that he is his hero and main inspiration for poetry, respectively.

One of his other favourite bands, is an Israeli Rock band called The Clique or Haklik, which he discovered 3 days prior to 2007. This discovery was to lead to the complete change of his view on life that would surpass even death. This was particulary due to their song Sheled Umlal, which is about a test-tube child dying in the first week of his birth. Indeed this helped Dominic to embrace the idea of death, an idea that he was scared of before.

As a musician Edit

Musically, Dominic is not a virtuoso, preferring to play simple bass-lines. Nevertheless he is good enough to play in three different bands, Jinko, Sheled and Woody Harry & his Urban Devils which have different styles, Funk, Punk, and Jazz respectively. He prefers to write lyrics and let another band member write the music, even though he has composed several simple backing tracks such as Horror, Paranormal, Erotic (Am - FM)

Dominic's poetry Edit

Poetry is particularly important to Dominic as it is a way for him to vent his frustration of the world in an unviolent way. One of his poems 'Mental Crack', was cleanified by himself, recorded by Jinko, put on myspace and recognized by the general public. Most of Dominic's poetry is either too abstract for anyone to understand or indeed stand. Another problem is that it can be too dark/depressing and vulgar; a particular example, Looking Daggers, could not be made into a clean version and was made into the B-side of the Mental Crack 7".

Involvement with The Skeletons Edit

Freindship with Harold Edit

Dominic and Harold have known eachother since primary school so are deeply close. Since the beginning they have found common ground such as Digimon and the Playstation. Both play rugby (although it is more a hobby for Dominic since he is an artist) and often play around the end of the field at break times. They have a hideout which

Freindship and connection with Damon Edit

Main article: Dominic Powers' connections with other characters

Dominic is Damon's Spirit-Sharer so it is understandable that the two are very close. Dominic views Damon as a valuable friend which is shown by his desire to sheild him from his Father's harm

Dominic and Damon's freindship materialized in the first day the latter came over, even Sulphate was a little peturbed by this as he and Chaz were still a bit rocky. They quickly found a mutual intrest in the colour Grey, although Dominic still prefered cobalt blue. Later on Dominic introduced Damon to industrial music, the result of which heightened their friendship.

This freindship would continue, with very few disturbances, up until - and including - their two deaths. Down in Hell, there were fewer cracks in their freindship than in Earth, Sulphate owed this more to Damon's paranoia than Dominic's love of dark places. Up in Heaven however Dominic and Damon argued nearly every week and again Sulphate imparted his knowledge, saying; "People who are closely related to Lucifer get spiritual disturbment because of the good vibes clashing with the bad" and that "this can occur up to so much as five generations apart."

Perhaps most ironic is that before Dominic convinced Damon to come over to his side, the former was more violent than the latter person. As the series of events moved on however, Damon started to become more violent and Dominic less so. This became so widespread and reversed, that Dominic felt it nessicary to give Damon a course in Noise Therapy

Partnership with Pandora Edit

Ki, Holy Maji and Spirit Edit

Dominic's Ki, Rai'Ki, was inhereted from his Father like most of the characters, with elements of his Mother's Elemental leaning of Rue'Ki. Droxir is the spirit sealed onto him, it's Ki being that of Fire. All of these, when used together, have made Dominic a very compitant user of Majiק in the past.

His Maji is of the Jinko type and this, coupled with his naturally hyperactiveness, makes him sometimes unable to control his Majiק which Sulphate has expressed concern over like much of Dominic's behaviour. In other times however he has used his Jinko to great effect, such as saving his Mother by literally rushing to her aid.

Ever since he had Droxir sealed into him by The Diablo Lot, he has begun to have violent outbursts. However, Dominic has since begun to materialize a friendship with him, the product of which has saved Dominic's life.

Echoes from the Future Edit

Before the start of 2007, in the Science Room and in the lobby of the hospital, Dominic performed an Majiק act of the Fire kind. Whilst Dominic was at home since the incident, Sulphate and Chaz discussed it and concluded that nothing of the kind had happened in a long time.